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Purpose, Mission and Vision of the Commission

1. Purpose
The main purpose of the National Land Use Planning Commission is to have sustainable land management systems which address issues of land degradation and conflicts in order to maintain peace and harmony. This can only be achieved through co-ordinated participation of all stakeholders in land resources management at all levels such as national sectors (ministries, non governmental organisations, and companies), regions, districts and villages. Henceforth, there is immense need of the Commission as a central body to perform the roles of co-ordination, policy and law formulation, and build capacity of land use planning at local levels. 

2. Vision
“A well resourced, competent institution capable of undertaking participatory land use planning and implementation for sustainable development”.

3. Mission
“To provide leadership in land use planning and ensure its implementation for sustainable socio-economic development”.

4. Objectives

i. Facilitate efficient and orderly management of land use

ii. Empower land holders and users to make better and more productive use of their land

iii. Promote sustainable land use practices

iv. Ensure security and equity in access to land resources

v. Facilitate the establishment of a framework for the prevention of land use conflicts 

vi. Facilitate overall macro-level planning while taking into account regional and sectoral considerations

vii. Provide for inter-sectoral co-ordination at all levels

viii. Ensure the use of political and administrative structures and resources available at national, regional, district and village levels and

ix. Provide a framework for the incorporation of such relevant principles contained in national and structural development policies as may be defined by the Government.

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